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Jiali yu was born in Hangzhou, China, an art family, where she studied painting since she was five. Her father is a fine art collector, and the special artistic atmosphere has greatly aroused her enthusiasm for art. In her childhood, she learned Chinese painting from many of China's masters and renowned professor such as Guanzhong WU. After winning her first painting competition medal at age six, her passion for creating art deepened and her desire to be an artist has remained. In 1999, after graduating with a degree in Printmaking from The China Academy of Art in Hangzhou, one of best art universities in China, she went to Paris to expand her artistic exposure.

The strong fashionable surroundings and romantic European classic art kept knocking her soul. In Paris, she was studying the artistic makeup. It was exciting to paint on human beings, especially when she paintbrushes were moving around on human faces and bodies. Two years' study and work had infused new inspiration to her creation of art.

In 2008, she moved to San Francisco, and focused on oil painting. Starting with a rich texture surface, Jiali Yu begins her paintings with an under painting of gesso, and adds different layers color. The unique image let audiences to be able to distinguish the figure shape in her painting from far away, but close up, just focus on the use of abstract color and shape. During these years, Jiali Yu received some national awards. 2011 March, Her painting 49 was selected Top 30 Artist 5th International Art Prize Arte Laguna painting section. The applications for this edition came from over 95 countries. After Laguna Prize counted the participation of more than 13,000 works of art from all over the world. Moreover, in these two years, she attended lots of group shows in Italy, United States and China.

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