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Beyond Memory” focuses on females. Everyone has different views of

women, and what do you think? In my memories, women not only are beautiful,

gentle and elegant, but also have inner power and mystery. “Beyond Memory”

was inspired by the memory of my grandma Yun. Though she has passed away,

her powerful influence has been left in my mind forever. Triggered by her, I started

to pay more attention to women around me in daily life.

I used a semi-abstract and abstract style to express various characteristics of

women, and multiple layers of soft brush strokes to make rich textures on the

canvas surface. Additionally, multiple colors and drippy spots make some of the

mystique in the painting. After seeing my artwork, I hope it can bring people to

think about what makes a woman a woman the characteristics are of women.

“Female Cell” is one of my series in the project “Beyond Memory”. These

memory bubbles seem like cells, and jump out my mind. In “Female Cell”, I

abstracted my memory and thought of women. I used different colors and bubbles

to convey various characteristics of women such as elegance, beauty, softness

and mystery through mix media technique. I think the female cell is spreading in

our air, so I hung up 150 circles. How important are women in today’s world?

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